We decided when we opened ourselves to others that we would provide a chance for Champion hounds, leading them to become WorkingPartners, and place them with meriting and working organizations or individuals who have proven Worthy. There is no one path open to anyone qualifying for a prepared pooch, from a veteran to a K9 to a field partner or guardian, But all find a steady partner to enable them joy, despite special difficulties of their unique life. Realistically we may not save them all on our own, as we are only a few individuals right now but because of our teamwork, our ideology and belief in Love, we see a greater impact every day.


Natural and Extensive dog working dog rescue and training, 3 programs available introduction - blue tick coonhound and hunters



The ways we work with our dogs to herd.. ducks, geese, cows and horses?


Training dogs for S&R, Mantrailing, and using that nose.


A poodle for hunting? Like they used to be?

Training Camps

CoonDog Training

Hunting Pups

Coon hunting is a favorite sport for man and dog to work at night, a rare opportunity for most. These Elite Partners find a challenge that starts from youth, breeding and eventually gameness. Follow a few of our favorites as we explain the concept of starting a dog before taking it on the first Hunt.


CoonDog Scent Work - Live Trap

In order to fulfill their instincts as a CoonDog we give them the ultimate test, a Live Caught Raccoon. Don't worry after letting the dogs smell and sing for us, these guys are released back into the woods.


CoonDog Scent Work - Field Training

CoonDogs are taken afield and worked in the trees using a variety of pelts, scents and distractions to prove your dog is on the right track!


CoonDog Scent Work - Field Test

CoonDogs are taken and put on our raccoon, recently released to see him tree by himself. This is the proven point before his first Hunt!


HerdDog Training

Herding Pups

Herding is an essential tool for any shepherd, cowboy or pig farmer, a rare sight for most. These Elite Partners pursue a challenge that starts with obediance, breeding and eventually eye. Here we teach a foundation for theirs - and our own success.


HerdDog RoundWork - Direction

We need control of a dog afield and off leash, so here is the beginning. Come by, Away, Down and obediance reinforcement is important here.


HerdDog RoundWork - Field Training

HerdDogs are taken afield and worked with ducks to warm them up to the challenge ahead. Graduates here find a sheep at the conclusion of training.


HerdDog RoundWork - Field Test

HerdDogs are put through the gauntlet proving their manners and respect. Here we use ducks, sheep and cattle to see if we have a dog ready to master the field.



Incredible and superb training camps, I loved the work my Zena does with the care they provided.

First Program


I enjoyed working with Apexcanines, theyy have really done their homework... Highly recommended - I'll be using their services again.

Second program

Jessica Bala

Their HerdDog Camp is literally amazing, I am very happy with their services and yea, Highly Recommended!!

Third Program




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